A short history, a great success

Thanks to its tireless efforts, Invernada has succeeded in positioning itself as one of the main producers of walnuts, both in Chile and globally.


The company began operations in 2013, when a select group of walnut growers decided to join forces to process and market their own production and that of other growers together. To do that, they built a processing plant in Paine, with the quality standard that would later become a trademark of the company. The plant was later certified under the BRC standard, thus responding to the demands of customers and shareholders alike, with the advantage of its strategic location in proximity to growers and the city in order to attract highly trained personnel.


In 2015, armed with a clear marketing strategy and a solid team, Invernada decided to come out of its shell and venture internationally. Thus began a process of significant growth and expansion from just a handful of customers to an important presence in the largest consumer centers around the world and in the main distribution channels.

Part of this growth is the result of doing things innovatively and adding value to our customers. For example, the company handle a refrigerated facility in the Netherlands, from where we can distribute our products to all our customers in Europe in a matter of days, cutting down transit time between the warehouse and the customers. This may sound pretty obvious, but many in the industry just do not do it.


In response to the explosive operational growth, in 2016 Invernada decided to invest nearly USD 6 million in a new processing plant to satisfy our future growth needs. The plant, which includes a 12,500 square meter construction in an 11-hectare property, began operations during the 2017 harvest season. In 2018 it obtained the IFS High Level certification.
In just four years, the company became the country’s second largest exporter of walnuts, consolidating its position as an industry leader.


In 2017, Invernada entered into a strategic partnership called “Perfect Walnuts” with Olam International and Gold River Orchards for processing hand-cracked nuts. By offering high-quality hand-cracked walnuts year round, the company began a new expansion process.


In 2018, we decided to build a hulling and drying facility next to the processing plant to serve medium and small producers and incorporate them into our constant efforts for doing things right and innovatively, adding value to our processes in order to secure sustainable future growth.