Efficient and organized processes make a difference

Invernada processes both in-shell and shelled walnuts. In all its processes, Invernada’s goal is to be the world’s
most efficient producer, and we are working hard to reach it. From the field to our end-consumers, we strive to
produce a safe, clean and high-quality product at the lowest cost possible.



In Chile, walnut harvest takes place during the months of March and April.
The process is highly mechanized and requires significant investment to conduct it efficiently and at the right time to ensure fruit quality. Our experts in the field orient producers as to the best practices, sharing experiences and creating a virtuous production cycle.



These processes are conducted either in the field or at our facilities, where we serve small and medium producers. Both processes are essential to our efforts to secure the highest quality of our product, both regarding cleanliness and safety, looking for the perfect drying point to ensure nut expression at its best.



Invernada has a modern in-shell processing line that combines an optical selector with manual sorting techniques to remove empty nuts by means of a powerful vacuum system, sort nuts by caliber, and select them by degree of spotting or breakage. Walnuts are finally packed in 25 or 10-kg bags according to customer specifications. We have the capacity to process 10 tons per hour in Chile’s largest processing line


Invernada has a modern machine-shelling line that ensures the highest levels
of quality and efficiency in the process. Shelling is completely mechanized. Our experts work hard to keep the machine working at its best for optimum quality
and production.



Invernada has invested heavily in its sorting line, keeping the right balance between its machines and human capital. Next-generation laser selectors
are used to separate shells and nuts, and then a final manual selection ensures the product will be clean and safe for consumption



Our experienced QC department permanently monitors each process online, and carries out formal inspections regularly at each stage as well as on the finished product to guarantee we will meet the requirements of our most demanding customers. Thanks to a clear quality policy and values that guide our work, our results speak for themselves.



Invernada has some of the best packing facilities, where all our shelled products are packed in modified atmosphere bags to ensure optimum nut preservation. Two factors affect walnut useful life negatively: oxidation and rancidity, both resulting from exposure to oxygen. By removing oxygen and adding nitrogen, each bag contains just 1% or less of residual oxygen. Bags are then packed in 10-kg boxes that are ready for shipping worldwide.