In consonance with our long-term vision and active leadership in the walnut industry, sustainability is a central element of Invernada’s future development and market position. Accordingly, the company has developed its sustainability strategy around 4 main pillars:


We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees. We have developed continuous development programs to identify opportunities to enhance efficiency together with our suppliers and customers.

We strive to add value to each link in the chain by improving our agricultural practices, advising our producers, supporting them with technical training to increase and improve production, working side by side with suppliers to promote mutual growth, enhancing our processes and products, maintaining active communication flows along the entire chain, and generating efficiency and value to benefit all our stakeholders.


We promote environmental protection by implementing good agricultural practices (Global GAP)in our fields, as well as responsible management of the native flora and fauna through conservation programs. One example of our environmental commitment is Parque Tricao,

>> Invernada committed to sustainability
Thanks to the commitment of all our workers Invernada has taken small but important steps for a better and greener world during 2021. Climate change is affecting all of us, and this is our way to contribute to reducing our footprint, no matter if it is water, plastic, energy or any other resource, we will do our part.

It combines agricultural production, environmental protection and interaction with neighboring communities and society in general.

All harvest and production residues are treated to prevent polluting the environment. Solid waste is used as fertilizer and used water is cleaned and used for irrigation.

At Invernada we process and utilize 100% of the raw material and our waste does not affect the environment. We have set a goal to utilize the entire product, whether for sale as finished product or as sub-products for energy generation, animal food or walnut byproducts.

We are also developing a non-polluting renewable energy generation system that reduces emissions and increases efficiency.


We are truly committed to our employees and the community we are inserted in. We promote local employment, thus providing economic benefits for local inhabitants. We are members of SEDEX global and have prepared our own Code of Conduct (link) that reflects the company’s spirit.

It also defines the relationship between the company and its employees.

We have developed a number of training and work safety programs for our workers, as well as special “family days”, in the understanding that family is a basic element for each one of us.

The plant has state-of-the-art facilities and services for its workers, well above industry standards, as well as leisure areas especially designed for and agreed to with our employees.

We have also taken concrete steps to minimize the impact of our operations on our neighbors by installing acoustic panels in the plant and thermopane windows in adjacent houses.


We consider quality in two aspects: product and processes. These aspects
are at the core of our business and constitute the base of our long-term relationships with our customers. Accordingly, our products and processes
have been IFS (International Food Standard) certified with the highest possible rating: “High Level”. Link, IFS certificate (Download).

Our quality policy reflects the spirit of our company and its uncompromising commitment to a quality product that is safe for consumers.

At “Invernada Export SpA.” we always strive to achieve the highest expectations of our customers by offering sustainably grown nuts produced under the strictest standards of safety and hygiene and complying with the legal regulations applicable to our products in the countries we export to while protecting the environment at all times.

We achieve this by continuously improving our processes, products, and services and by relying on a qualified, motivated, and highly committed team that works in a coordinated and responsible manner (ethically and personally)